Bethune-Cookman University Concert Chorale

Hold Fast to Dreams

Being the first organization that our beloved founder Dr. Mary McLeod Bethune developed, the Concert Chorale has a rich history and legacy that it has consistently maintained since its founding. In correlation with our university's motto "Enter to Learn and Depart to Serve", the chorale's goal is to "Holistically Develop Students Through Music". This is displayed in the scholarship our more than 50 students have displayed across all majors from music education to nursing. Our students are leaders who are continuously gaining knowledge and wisdom from the experiences in which they are exposed. Our students have most recently been able to create history in Washington D.C this past July in honor of Dr. Bethune was placed in the National Statuary Hall as the first African American represented in the National Collection of Statues. This is just one of the many accomplishments the Chorale has been able to achieve…In addition to this the chorale has been named the number one HBCU choir by the HBCU digest magazine in 2017, performed for president Barack Obama at the final Christmas concert of his time in office and finally making history as the first HBCU choir to perform in the esteemed Steinmetz Hall at the Dr. Phillips Performing Arts Center in Orlando. There is a complete dedication to the enlargement of the territory to which Concert Chorale has been afforded the opportunity to explore.